Common Migratory Mender (Anax junius)

Anax junius, the green dragonfly or June dragonfly is a species of anisopterous odonate of the Aeshnidae family native to North America, although with distribution in parts of Central America and Caribbean islands. The June darning dragonfly or green darning dragonfly is one of the largest and fastest dragonflies, flights of up to 85 km/h […]

Variegated Skimmer (Sympetrum corruptum)

The variegated dragonfly (Sympetrum corruptum) belongs to the family of scratching dragonflies (Libellulidae) is a species of wide distribution, has a long and late flight period and adults sometimes survive the winter. Some populations of S. corruptum are migratory, routes are known along the Pacific coast of North America. Habitat: Ponds and slow-moving streams, preferably […]

Pinacate (Eleodes armata)

Eleodes armata, the armored stink beetle, is a species of desert stink beetle. The term pinacate comes from the Nahuatl pinacatl, which means black beetle. The Pinacate desert in Sonora, Mexico, gets its name from the presence of these species in the region. Habitat: They are usually found in places where humidity is abundant, under […]

Queen butterfly (Danaus gilippus)

The queen butterfly (Danaus gilippus) is an American butterfly with a wingspan of 80–85 mm (3.1–3.3 in). Habitat: It can be found in open terrain, in meadows, fields, and swamps. The queen prefers open woods, fields, and desert. Diet: The butterfly feeds predominantly on flower nectar and dead foliage, but may also feed on rotten […]

Elegant sulfur butterfly (Nathalis iole)

Their appearance is highly variable, but a subset of distinguishing features aid in identification. The elongated shape of the forewings is distinctive. The upper part of the wings is yellow and the tips of the forewings are black. Habitat: The species lives in almost any open space, including coastal plains, deserts, fields, roadsides, vacant lots. […]

Blue Pond Dragonfly (Enallagma civile)

It measures between 28 and 39 millimeters in length (where between 22 and 34 millimeters correspond to the abdomen), and its wingspan is about 4 centimeters. The male is predominantly blue in color with some black markings, while the female is highly variable in color, being generally blue, black, or brownish, with black markings similar […]

Pacific fiddler crab (Leptuca crenulata)

The Mexican fiddler crab, is a species of crab that owes its common name to its common name to its chelae, pincers or “pincers”, which are extremely different sizes. They are small crabs that measure from 2.5 to 3 cm in length. Habitat: Their natural habitat is very diverse thanks to their power of adaptation, […]

California sea slug (Aplysia californica)

The California sea slug (Aplysia californica) is a gastropod mollusk of the family Aplysiidae. It and all species of this genus are commonly referred to as sea hares. Habitat: It is found in shallow areas associated with algae such as Gracilaria, Ulva, Enteromorpha and seagrasses of the genus Zostera. Diet: Aplysia is a macrophage with […]