Located at the clubhouse, The Crane is part of the living sanctuary, giving a wide variety of delicious dishes for every diner who comes to visit, always open to anyone who wants to enjoy tasteful plates in a unique environment.


Jammal J. Mayoral Zepeda graduated from Culinary Arts at Universidad Tecnológica de Puerto Peñasco.

Always looking to improve his culinary techniques and abilities, he look for experts who could fill his curiosity, learning from them how to cook caribbean, venezuelan, mexican, asiatic and other differents kind of food.

Passionated about bakery, pastas and cooking that takes time, always exploring deep flavors with a lot of personality.

Using logistics and administration to carry out full empresarial projects, and applying them in a sistematic way.

Actually, owner of La Mestiza Soul Food and now chef of The Crane Restaurant.


Roberto Karam Gutiérrez graduated from Administration Business at Universidad de Sonora.
In the agricultural sector, he worked in S.P.R. Hermanos Karam, and Agroindustrias del Mayo.

Later, he worked on sales area on SOCOADA.
For the government, he worked as chief of Sanitary Regulation in Health's Secretaryship of Goverment of Sonora, Human Resources Director for Puerto Peñasco's City Hall, Liaison and Monitoring Director for Puerto Peñasco's City Hall, Vinculation Director, and then Rector at Universidad Tecnológica de Puerto Peñasco

He was owner of La Botana Restaurant Bar and Corn Products El Turko.
Also, he had an enterprise of liqueur distribution, banners for illuminated advertisements sales. Actually, he is a commision agent of COMFARA Marketer and Fuerza Solar company.

At present, he is owner of La Mestiza Soul Food and operator of The Crane Restaurant.




Closed Mondays 

Tuesday to Saturday

Breakfast and Lunch

8:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M.
Sunday Brunch8:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M.
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