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Discover Paradise in the Pacific.

At Vista Dorada, you not only acquire an oceanfront residence but also immerse yourself in a lifestyle experience that seamlessly blends coastal elegance with modern comfort.


Enjoy the exclusive amenities that Vista Dorada has for you.
Outdoor pool and jacuzzi
Snack bar
Barbecue areas
Lagoon access dock
Pets park
74 parking lot


Vista dorada is located within the heart of Islas Del Mar and its beachfront.


Eleva tu vida frente al mar.

Descubre la perfección frente al mar en nuestros condominios.

1 Dormitorio con Jardín

1 Dormitorio con Terraza

2 Dormitorios con Jardín

2 Dormitorios con Terraza

3 dormitorios con terraza

1 Dormitorio con Terraza

1 Dormitorio con Jardín

2 Dormitorios con Jardín

2 Dormitorios con Jardín en L

2 Dormitorios con terraza

3 dormitorios con terraza

Types of condominiums


Total Area: 71.40 m2 / 768 ft2

One-bedroom with garden

Total Area: 89.85 m2 / 967 ft2

Two-bedroom with garden

Total Area: 134.44 m2 / 1,447 ft2

Two bedrooms with L-shaped garden

Total Area: 174.45 m2 / 1,878 ft2

Two bedrooms with terrace

Total Area: 143.80 m2 / 1,547 ft2

Three bedrooms with terrace

Total Area: 190.12 m2 / 2,047 ft2