Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis)

The brown pelican is one of the most well-known and prominent birds found in the coastal areas of the Americas. It is a species of greyish-brown seabird that is large and conspicuous strictly on the coast. It has a very long beak with a sac to take fish out of the water. It feeds mainly by diving fish from above. It often approaches fishing sites to look for waste. Sometimes it flies in long lines near the surface of the water.


Depending on the subspecies, It can be found on the Atlantic or Pacific coast, in the Caribbean or in the Gulf of California, from southern United States to the Brazilian Amazon and even far south as Peru and Chile.


It feeds on fish which catches into a sac that hangs from its beak. Fishing by diving into the sea from the air or from the surface of the water when it is swimming and opening its beak to capture fish and water in its sac.



At Islas del Mar they can be found mainly on the beach, although they are also common in lagoons and in freshwater bodies where it likes to rest.