Gambels quail (Callipepla gambelii)

It is a small bird that lives on the ground in North America. It is typical of western United States and northwestern Mexico deserts.


Desert with bushes and canyons. It can live in very dry territory, but it is concentrated near bodies of water. It prefers the typical Sonoran desert, with open territory and a wide variety of shrubs, low trees and cacti, often around mesquite thickets. Avoid grasslands without shrubs. It can be common in open suburbs where some land is left uncultivated.


Mainly seeds, leaves and berries. Adults tend to be vegetarians in most seasons. They feed on a variety of fresh plant shoots, leaves, and buds, especially during spring. They eat cactus fruits and mistletoe berries, hackberry, and other plants when available. Seeds are always important in the diet. They generally eat few insects, although young birds may eat more.

Resident bird with presence throughout the year.



The entire property, particularly scrub areas.