Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus)

Killdeers are monogamous. Breeding pairs form on fishing grounds in the spring, where male Killdeers claim territory to nest in, and then attempt to attract a mate using aerial displays and a series of two-annotated calls.


The male and female work together to “build” their nest, which is simply a depression scraped into bare earth, or other substrate. Nests are typically found in open areas with sparse vegetation, often in farm fields, road shoulders, parking lots, and flat gravel roofs


Killdeer is an American species. It lives in terrestrial zones and farmland; They can be found on beaches and marshes and areas with low vegetation. It usually comes close to houses. When it flies it emits noisy and strident “kil-dii” hence North Americans call it killdeer.


Killdeer feeds mainly on insects and complements its diet with other invertebrates and seeds, feeding almost exclusively in fields, although it can do so near water reservoirs. Normally they eat during the day, although on a full moon they also do so at night.

Migratory bird with the highest probability of sighting during winter and spring.


Areas close to fresh water and occasionally on the beach.