Pinacate (Eleodes armata)

Eleodes armata, the armored stink beetle, is a species of desert stink beetle. The term pinacate comes from the Nahuatl pinacatl, which means black beetle. The Pinacate desert in Sonora, Mexico, gets its name from the presence of these species in the region.

They are usually found in places where humidity is abundant, under stones, pots, or when cultivating a plant they are 10-20 cm underground.

Although they may have an omnivorous diet as a mechanism of adaptation to dry environments, depending on the species in the Eleodes two basic forms of feeding can be distinguished. On the one hand, there are the species that are mainly detritivorous (decomposing organic matter), and, on the other, there are the herbivorous species. The latter can feed on seeds, seedlings or more developed plants.