Ross’s goose (Chen rossi)

The Ross Goose (Chen rossii) is native to North America. This bird nests in the Northern Territory of Canada. In winter it migrates to the southern United States and northern Mexico.


In summer it resides in the Arctic tundra, in particular in the flat tundra, which is characterized by green areas and low bushes of dwarf birch or willow. In migration and during winter, it lives in shallow lakes, freshwater marshes, flooded stubble fields and other agricultural land.


Mainly plant material. During most of the year, it feeds mainly on green herbs and reeds. When it reaches the breeding grounds, before the new vegetation is available, it digs roots. In autumn migration, it feeds especially on seeds and grains of wild herbs or crops.

Migratory bird with greater probability of sighting in winter.


Freshwater reservoirs and grasses near water.