Say’s phoebe (Sayornis saya)

They breed from Alaska, western and south-central Canada, to the southern United States. In the winter it migrates to desert areas of Texas, Mexico, and even northern Central America. These birds prefer dry, desolate and arid landscapes.


It lives in bushes, canyons and ranches. Found in open or semi-open terrain, often in dry rural areas, away from forested areas. It is normal to find it in farmland, savannas or prairies.


It feeds almost entirely on insects and sometimes on some berries.

Forages by perching in low bushes or on rocks and flinging to catch insects. It can catch its food in mid-flight, take it from low-lying foliage or from the ground.


Resident bird with year-round sighting.


It is usually found in areas near the estuary and in scrubland.