Tropical kingbird (Tyrannus melancholicus)

It measures approximately 20 cm and weighs around 40 g. The male does not differ from the female with respect to its plumage; it has a yellow abdomen, an olive-colored chest, a light gray neck, a gray head and a gray-green back. This species aggressively defends its territory against intruders, even if they are much larger birds.


It is native to the Neotropics and is distributed from southern United States, through Central and South America to central Argentina. This bird breeds from southern Arizona and the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas in the United States through Central America, South America as far south as central Argentina and eastern Peru, and into Trinidad and Tobago. Birds from the northernmost and southernmost breeding areas migrate to the warmer parts of the range after breeding.

It is common, conspicuous, and almost ubiquitous in open, rural and urban areas, less numerous in more forested regions. It aggressively defends its territory against intruders, even if it is much larger birds.


It feeds especially on insects that it generally hunts in flight, although sometimes incorporates small fruits into your diet.

Resident bird with the possibility of sighting throughout the year.


Trees at Islas del Mar´s boulevards.