White-crowned sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys)

The White Crown Sparrow is a migratory bird that can be seen in winter at Islas del Mar. Its combination of whitish head, pale bill, and curly grey breast, give this bird a handsome tone, that makes it one of the easiest sparrows in America to identify. It can be seen fluttering on the ground, and through the foliage of abundant vegetation habitats.


The White Crown Sparrow breeds in open areas where there are shrubs, such as tundra, high grassland, and forest boundaries; open or grassy portions of soil are important features of its habitat. During the winter and migration season, they frequent bushes, brush fields, crops, roadsides, and back gardens.


Mostly seeds, other plant materials and insects. It seems that during the winter it feeds mainly on seeds, especially weeds and herbs. In other seasons it feeds on other plant materials, such as buds, flowers, berries and small fruits. It also catches many insects and spiders, especially in summer. The offspring feed mainly on insects.



Trees at the boulevard, scrub areas and gardens.