Wilson´s plover (Charadrius wilsonia)

In the breeding season the plumage of the back is brown, light brown head, white forehead with a black band on it, the throat and abdomen are greyish divided with a thin brown line. The bill is black and thick, the tail is small rounded with white outer feathers and long, greyish-pink legs.


It can be found on American coasts from the southeastern United States to Brazil, including the West Indies; it is rare in the Caribbean. It lives all year round in subtropical regions with a migratory behavior. It is a strictly coastal species, it inhabits sandy beaches, silt and rock, shorelines of coastal lagoons, estuaries and mud banks in rivers and lakes.


It feeds on small crustaceans, polychaetes, mollusks and insects; fiddler crabs are its main food.

Migratory bird with greater probability of sighting during the winter.


Estuary, beach and near water reservoirs.